New Features

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Mobile Friendly Website

New Features

This website has recently been reconstructed using new methods to improve its appearance on all devices. The site can adapt to any screen size from large desktop displays through tablets and iPads to smart phones. It has been tested on a wide range of these devices and on the most popular web browsers. If you experience any unexpected behaviour on your equipment, please contact the webmaster

The New Features

  1. The Home page image adapts to any size screen or window, in portrait or landscape modes. Refresh the page to see it adapt.
  2. The Menu has been redesigned. It has green home buttons at the left and red close buttons at the right, both top and bottom.
  3. Main menu items with down arrows ▼ open sub menus.
  4. Sub menus have green up arrow ▲ buttons at the left and red close buttons at the right, both top and bottom.
  5. Up arrow ▲ returns to the main menu, close hides the menu altogether.
  6. Large pages (over 500kB) first call a speed test function to evaluate your current internet speed. You will then see a progress bar which will show approximately how long the page will take to load. If the page is cached (already in memory) the loading time will be much shorter.
  7. Photo pages now have a Slide Show button which allows you to see all or selected images as a slide show with adjustable speed and in random or natural order. You can also step through the slides forwards or backwards. A help screen is provided.
  8. Some pages have Contents buttons for jumping to specific parts of the event.
  9. All pages have a Top button to quickly return to the top of the page, where the Badge gives access to the Menu.
  10. On the Useful Links page, there is a Utility section at the bottom, with links for downloading the KVAA badge and icon. The icon can be used to enhance a desktop shortcut to the website. Ask for help with this if needed.
  11. There is also a link to the Speed Test software which is used to evaluate the loading time as described above. The Speed Test link just works out your current download speed for your interest.